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A Covid-friendly approach to children's birthday parties

It's a weird and wacky time as we try and navigate children's birthday parties and events in 2020. With so much uncertainty about what to do and how to do it, we've decided to compile a list of all our fav Covid-friendly tips & tricks to help you celebrate safely with your loves ones.

1. Consider a drop & go party

Stick to inviting close family and friends rather than the whole class. If you still can't get your numbers down, drop & go parties are the new latest-and-greatest! This way, your child can still invite all of their besties AND you're abiding by the NSW Government regulations. Better yet, hiring an entertainer will save you trying to supervise and entertain all 15+ children!

Party SMALL rather than not at all!

2. Ask guests with ANY cold-like symptoms to stay at home

OR if they have been overseas, to Victoria, or in contact with someone with Covid-19. Sorry not sorry!

3. Use a trusted Covid safe business

As a registered Covid Safe business is our priority to curb the spread of Covid-19 and keep both our staff and clients happy and safe. We are continually staying updated with the latest advice from the NSW Government and abiding by all the Covid regulations surrounding hygiene and sanitary processes.

For more information please ask us for a copy of our Covid-Safe policy.

4. Have hand sanitiser available at the party for guests to use

Position these at the front door and around the food table. Our hosts will also encourage the kids to wash their hands before and after food / cake.

5. Put away toys

Our character hosts will also do their best to run games and party activities that limit the physical touching of toys, props OR each other (e.g. dancing, limbo, bubbles, superhero training, magic tricks). If you would prefer to limit your physical contact even further we can tailor your party package to swap out face painting for extra games!

6. Opt for individual party food options

To limit sharing, consider single serve food options (packet of popcorn, crisps, poppas) rather than a sushi platter or plate of fairy bread. Cupcakes are also a great solution for 'happy birthday' candle blowing - easy to hand out, less cake cutting mess, less contact transfer.

7. Name your cups

If guests don't bring their own drink bottle have a marker handy to write kids' names on their cups. Better yet, if the kids can't read draw a unique picture (e.g. a flower) on their cup, or use a different coloured marker so they can recognise their's easily.

And finally - don’t panic. DO ensure you stay up-to-date with info from credible sources.

If you are nervous about booking a party, or would simply like to chat to one of our friendly team members please call us on 0481 212 730.

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