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The latest party trend: DIY Bath Bomb Making Parties

Step aside slime making – the latest craze in kid’s birthday themes is DIY bath bomb making parties. This theme is perfect for kids 7 years and older, as it allows children to indulge in all things pretty, smelly, creative, and messy (...what more could a 7+ year old ask for!?)

Ultimate creative potential

One of the reasons we LOVE bath bomb making is because it allows kids to unleash their inner creative - giving them the potential to customise their creations with fun colours, shapes, smells and textures.

When kids have the autonomy to choose between different food colouring's, essential oils, dried flowers, glitter, gems and mould shapes it heightens the importance of the activity - which means they are EXTRA proud to show mum and dad once they've finishing making their special creation.

Fun, fizzy & EDUCATIONAL

Not only do bath bomb parties provide a unique and interactive experience for your party guests, they are FULL of rich learning opportunities for kids.

Bath bomb making parties involve reading comprehension, fine motor skills, measuring and weighing, sensory development, predict and wonder, inquiry skills and most of all.... SCIENCE!

The best part? The kids don't even realise the wonderful learning that's going on whilst they're having fun with their friends!

Why book with us?

Booking your next bath bomb party with The Little Creative Co means LESS stress and NO preparation. You heard correct - we provide IT ALL.

Our all encompassing bath bomb parties include...

• 30 minute early arrival to set up bath bomb making stations

• Supply of ALL bath bomb making equipment & ingredients

• Supply of essential oils, dried flower petals, gems & glitter for bath bomb customisation

• Guided bath bomb making experience (with party hosts)

• Approx 2x bath bombs each to take home

• Supply of take home bags

• Craft activity: decorating of take home bags

• Glitter make up for all guests

• Dancing / party games

• Party playlist & speaker

• Party prizes

To get a quote for your next BATH BOMB MAKING PARTY email us at: or call the team on 0481 212 730.

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